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Chris Spangler


Hi all! Chris here, and I guess I am supposed to tell you a little bit about myself here. Well, I love to adventure, and get out and about to help others in about any way I can. Working with my hybrid drone, I can take it just about anywhere it is legal, and explore for hours with it, rather than minutes at a time. It can carry a payload of up to 12 pounds, so it is the perfect carrier for a Lidar unit, magnetometer, and of course, the camera. At this time, I am trying to get licenced to fly Ground Penetrating Radar also. Not so much of a problem in other countries, as it is here in the USA.

What we do!
  • Archeological sites, and mapping out zones looking for underlying structure, artifacts, roads, trails, and burials.
  • Magnetometry of potential ore fields. At this time, I can only provide raw data for your scientists to interpret. That being said however, with the amount of data provided, they should be able to give a detailed analysis without any problem.
  • Video, and photographic work.
  • Utility work checking high lines, right of ways, etc..

Whatever your requirements are, if we do not have the equipment to do the job, we will aquire it, or refer you to someone that does have it available.

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