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Ok, this one is going to be a little bit different.

While I have been busy setting up this business while spending as little as possible, I also have been doing an awful lot of reading. One of the subjects which peaked my interest, was on Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV for short. I am not going to get into the specifics here, just as I will not get into any belated arguments over whether it is “right” or not, or even “Christian” to delve into. It is, what it is. If you want to read further on the subject I suggest that you look up Lori Williamson and CRV.. She does a much better job of it than I could ever hope to at this point. She also is a great instructor in the art of CRV, and my teacher in an on line class I am currently taking.

Ever since my college days at U of M Flint, where I read a book by Carlos Casteneda, I have wondered about that belt of knowledge, or awareness, that so many others have been able to tap into, and learn. Some have called it the “ether”, while others have termed it the “matrix”. At any point, it exists in a place where time means nothing, and awareness is everything. Everything that we will know, or have known, is there.

Can you just imagine?

It is also accessible to anyone. You were born with the right tools to partake in it..

You are a spiritual being, more than you are a physical one. Do you remember reading in the Bible where Paul was bitten by an asp, and he just shook it off into the fire with no ill effects? The reason he could do that, was because he knew that he was a spiritual being, and that the physical had no more hold on him than a shadow passing by. Only if he allowed it, could it do him harm.

Learning CRV is a way to tap into that matrix, to experience it first hand.

I am just beginning the process.. Anyone want to join me?


Published by Chris Spangler

An old guy that loves to learn, and share new things!

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