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A New Day

Wow, it feels like yesterday, but it has been over fifty years..

Yes, I am an old vet.. A helicopter Crew Chief on what was known as a “slick”. We took the guys to work, and picked them back up again. This pic was taken somewhere over Phan Thiet in the process of doing just that. Bob Leach was my pilot.. I credit him with getting me back home in one piece.

After a long, and somewhat eventful life, I have settled down into Washington State, in the great Pacific Northwest with real sweetheart of a gal. The weather is good, the fishing great, and the VA hospital system super. The only problem, is that I grew bored. You can only fish so much! lol Sally is still working, so to kill two birds with one stone so to speak, I started to look around for something to do that would involve both of us, while making a few bucks in the process.

DroneAdventures.Co was born out of that endeavor.

I do hope you follow along as I learn how to market this, and get the fact out there that DroneAdventures is the go to place getting the job done. We will go anywhere within the USA that we are needed, and stay until our client is satisfied.. Giving a complete ground analysis from LiDar, to GPR, and Magnetometry we are the only ones providing a complete onion skin look at the survey area. Photography, and videography is also included. Have not done any photometry as yet, but sure am willing to try that too.

Have a Blessed day,



Published by Chris Spangler

An old guy that loves to learn, and share new things!

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